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Cover for 2 CD set
Psychedelia Poster Art
This is a link to the script for Psychedelia, the Rock Musical
The True Story of Uther Pendragon One of The Great Rock Bands Who Never Made It
The story of Uther Pendragon is one that is similar to many bands then and now, but the kicker is how close they came before things fell appart.
The story of a band you never heard of but will learn to love.

Published by Studio X. Productions
Created By: Craig R. Pedersen
Copyright 2008
designed with Homestead
The Rock Musical
By: Craig R. Pedersen
Music included in

Old Man total 6.30
Old Man intro

Blue Fever
Lock and Load 4.30
Kristina 4.24
Music Box 6.52

Lovelock Temperature Drop 2.32
Whiskey Is A Sin 4.19
Peter Pan Blow Up  2.24
Do What You Want 2.10

San Francisco Earthquake 5.32
You’re a Human Now 6.12
Ten Miles to Freedom 11.04
Realm Of The Seven Plains 5.32
Luxuries Draft 3.30
They’ll Never Last 3:30

Uther Pendragon
Rock & Roll Star
Devils Due 5.16
King Muskrat 6.55
Move On 2.12
See It My Way  6.25
Spanish Fly 6.40
Troubles 10.15

Old man ending

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